Payment Method

Before you proceed to one of these payment method, you must have completed making the reservation.


After you fill all the reservation form, we will send our official bank account details to your email address.

Our bank account must be receive your payment in full amount, exclude any bank fees (either for deposit or full charge from total reservation).

Bank transfer method is not recommended for last minute booking or bookings that less than 14 days prior arrival, because it takes time to arrive into our account (especially from overseas banks).

Proof of transfer must be scanned (captured) and sent by email to our Reservation email.


ATM payment is applicable for Indonesian resident and local ATM only based on request basis.

Proof of transfer must be scanned (captured) and sent by email to our Reservation email.

A booking (reservation) is not "CONFIRMED" or "GUARANTEED" until Villa Mangku in Ricefield receives the payment as invoiced.


  • Any specific payment due date will be stated in our website, and or informed by our Reservation via email, as it may vary depend on each specific booking terms and conditions.
  • The availability hold of your selected accommodation will be released back if no payment is cleared before the due date.
  • To avoid any problems and inconvenience, please bear the timing in mind, especially when you select bank transfer as the payment method, it may take few days to arrive in our account, especially between overseas banks.

    Thus, in normal circumstances, we did not recommend bank transfer method for reservation less than 14 days prior to arrival.

  • Upon check-in, the payment confirmation must be shown for booking verification.